[News]: Tinubu explains why he fell out with Lagos Governor

Tinubu explains why he dumped Ambode  

APC godfather, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has explained why he withdrew his support for Lagos Governor Akinwunmi Ambode.

Tinubu is backing 53-year-old Chairman of the Lagos State Property Development Commission (LSDPC) and two-time commissioner, Babajide Olushola Sanwoolu, for the number one job in Nigeria's commercial capital.
Speaking to journalists at Ward C in Ikeja Local Government Area, after voting at the primary election, Tinubu said Ambode became a “bad party man” who lost the support of party members.
According to Punch, when Tinubu was asked why he withdrew his support for Ambode, he said, “Who did I support in 2014? Ambode. Life is dynamic. It’s those who made me the leader of the structure in Lagos who said it was what they want. It’s only if you have followers that you’re a leader in democracy.
“If I look back and I don’t find them again; if I don’t respond to them, if I fail to accede to their request, I would have failed the leadership test.
“This is not personal; it is beyond me as a person. Every democratic constitution is preceded by ‘We, the people’. So, I had to submit myself to the wishes and the yearnings of our party.
“This is an elixir for the general election. Ambode Akin, he’s doing well, yes; he hasn’t been a good party man; not only the glamour, not only about brick and mortar. A talent is determined by character. For you to become an influential person, you have to respond to the yearnings of the people. This is politics; democracy, one man, one vote.”

A meltdown seen round the world

Ambode devolved into a meltdown on national television on Sunday, September 30, calling his challenger, Sanwoolu, all sorts of names.
The governor said his party members have been misled into supporting Sanwoolu and touted himself as the best man to take Lagos forward.

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