[Celebrity gist]: Rihanna ‘Appreciates’ What Chris Brown Wants To Do For Her

Chris Brown is ready to play a detective role after Rihanna’s Hollywood Hills home was robbed on Sept. 25 and she is reported to be ‘appreciative’.

Barbadian singer, Rihanna, 30, is on the look for help to fish out who broke into her Hollywood Hills home on Sept. 25 and her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, 29, volunteered for the search team.
A source close to Bad Girl RiRi told HollywoodLife; “Rihanna is really freaked out and frightened by this second break-in at her home.”
Recall, the first break-in was committed by 26-year-old Eduardo Leon in May, who was arrested for felony stalking and burglary. But the perpetrators of this week’s crime remain unidentified.
Speaking on Rihanna’s reaction to Chris Brown’s offer to help the source said;
“She’s relieved she wasn’t at home at the time but feels violated knowing strangers have been in her house. She feels vulnerable, so knowing that Chris wants to step in and handle this for her really hits her in the heart. She appreciates that he still cares so much.”