[Music]: EP: Tophaa - SPY (Sound People Yearn) | @Tophaa_ME

[SPY] is [Tophaa is a Multi genre International artiste who went under the
blanks for a while to discover his genre of music and is back with a new
sound he calls “AfroBeats(Fusion)”. “It’s a mixture of deep music with
thick Afrobeat, it is something I know the people of the world would love!”
says the 20-year-old visionary-Tophaa.I recorded this new song titled "Her
Time" with Dapo a Ghanaian based producer, and hitting me up with this beat
just came the right time i finally settled in to change the flow of my game
here. And i promise this is going to put a mark online with a stamp to
certify i was here!
Tophaa spoke on releasing an EP later on this year after two singles.
Rumours have it that the project is already set to go so it is something
everyone should look forward to. “Her Time” is set to drop soon. so I
reckon you look out for it. It’s a headphone masterpiece with a vibe that
we barely hear in the industry of today.

Tophaa had been off the music game for a while and has been questioned by a
lot of supporters, in order to make his comeback strong he started a
clothing line named SPY and was supported widely and had a wild spread in
distribution but no one ever knew that SPY was also the name of his
Extended Playlist about to be released Tophaa mixed up with different
genres on the EP which are Afrobeats, Afropop, AfroRnb, TrapMusic just to
show that he has a lot of flows on different type of beats! This EP is
going to be followed up with the visual to one of the songs from the EP
titled "Her Time" and with a space two singles from him featuring some of
Africas leading act would be released. So lets anticipate and support, but
for now lets look at what SPY has to offer.
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