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Oracool is back at it again and this time He his giving us an Ep
Titled Fourteen Eleven mixed by G-ben..
When asked the reason behind the title he responds thus, "Fourteen
when written out is 14 11, and this number simply represents
1st Peter 4 vs 11 which is state why I do Rap music and from where the
name ORACOOL was coined from, so the Ep is a collection of songs
shedding light on various themes as inspired by God for his glory."
We actually say thumbs up to Oracool for this piece as every Jam has
its particular feel and pattern from the 'Intro' to 'what's good' yet
he remained on point with every artist featured coming off dope which
also made Listening to the Ep worthwhile as you do not know what
rabbit Oracool would pull out of the hat (Lol).
'Tm Stringz' wrote
“Every time that we talk, rap, play, walk, whatsoever we do, wherever
we are, we must brag ALWAYS about God. Our lives must be a life of
WORSHIP – a life that preaches and brags about God.” That’s the
message in ‘Brag’ (feat. Stimulus) . Now, I love this song because the
lyrics serve as a reminder as to how we should live our lives. People
need to see us and call us children of the Most High, we need no
publicity. In everything we do, our lives need to speak, talk, preach
and brag Jesus.
Jesus Is Life (J.I.L)’ featuring Haye, mehn! The lyrics here are so
deep. It made me remember what the Holy Scriptures say in John 1:1-4.
Verse 4 in particular. The words He speaks are Spirit and are Life.
Jesus is Life so I’m fearless of death. Deep, right?
Ok! ‘Misunderstood (feat. ID Jaymes)’ is the kind of song that will
make you sit and meditate. I know this because the song had the effect
on me. As a matter of fact, The song has been on repeat just trying to
decipher some of the perks associated with being a leader in Chrstian
circles; the story of the human life .  Hehe listen first you’d
Do you know ‘what’s good’ lol. That’s exactly what Oracool tells us on
this joint. A little clue though…..Puting God over everything
including Beauty! You would end up loving this song I tell ya
Ehen, do you love rap? Are u sure? Then the ‘Intro’ is for you lol

Download, listen and kindly leave your thoughts

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Fourtheen Eleven E. P 

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